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     Welcome to! We stock a huge variety of used and discounted books. Whether you're new to shopping online or have been doing so for years, we hope you'll find easy to use and very affordable.

     We've tried to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. To start shopping, just click on a link to a topic category. Most of our pages our listed on the left menu. After finding a page that interests you, scroll down it to see all the listings in that category.

     So, what does everything in the product listings mean? uses a few symbols to quickly and easily show you both the condition of the item and the type of binding. Look for the stars (asterisks), which show you the rated condition of the item, and the bracketed symbols that tell how the book is bound. The chart below explains these symbols:

***** (5) = Excellent Condition: Brand New or almost New!
**** (4) = Good Condition: Minor Damage, but over all in good condition.
*** (3) = Medium Condition: Some signs of wear, but in good shape.
** (2) = Worse Condition: Perhaps fairly dog-eared or cover somewhat scuffed.
* (1) = Poor Condition: Loose Pages, missing cover, poor condition.
     **** and under may contain some markings.

(SC) = Soft cover (Paperback)      (HC) = Hardcover      (CB) = Coil Bound

     Since we have extremely limited quantities of each of the books we have in stock, to keep our prices low we rarely post a lot of information about the book. With usually just the title, author, quality, price, and the quantity in stock, has been targeted to those already looking for a certain book. Also to keep our books affordable, we do not employ a shopping cart on this site. Instead we use a very simple order form, that opens in a separate window. There is a link to open the order form in the header of every page.

     Using the order form is really quite simple. We don't force you to enter any information that we don't need to send you your order. (see our privacy policy...) After entering the information, you can add items to your order. To do this, click back on the page under the order form, and highlight (select) the listing of the item you wish to purchase with your mouse. Click on Copy from the Edit menu at the top of your internet browser, or press [Ctrl] + [C] on your keyboard, either will work. Next click back to the order form (if you are using Windows, it may be named "Order Form -" in the taskbar). Click inside the 'Orders...' text box in the order form, and this time click on Paste from the Edit menu, or press [Ctrl] + [V] on your keyboard, once again, either will work. Repeat this last process for as many items as you want, from any of's pages. Clicking on different listing pages won't change your order form's contents.

     When you have everything that you want, check over your order, and then click send. When you see the thank you page, you know we will get your order. You should get an automatic conformation email before very long. If you decide to add more items to your order, repeat the process, and if it's not to late, we will be able to include the other items in the same package.

     We will then contact you verifying whether or not all the books you ordered were in stock, as well as with a postage quote, the total amount, and where to send the payment. Upon receiving your order, we would appreciate if you would leave feedback at our feedback page.


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